The history of normal slot machines

December 27, 2018 0 By admin

Long before the innovations introduced by the more technologically advanced Video Slot machines of today, with their fancy graphics and immersive sound systems, there was the “normal” slot. These slots were the founders of the slot machine fascination and continue to thrive today.

It is lesser known fact that slot machines in all their forms provide around 70% of a casino’s profits. Normal casinos contribute a significant amount to this and are favoured by a variety of people.

The first ever version of a slot machine was created in 1891 by Pittman and Sachs. This was obviously a very primitive version of what we play today, but nonetheless, it provided the foundations for the modern inventions. When the player won on these machines, rather than winning money, they would win a drink from the barman.

It would be a fair few years until the machines we know and love today would appear. Charles Fey created the first ever slot machine that paid out money when players matched symbols. It was an instant success and caught on very rapidly, spreading across pubs in the country. Unfortunately the development of these slots machines was hindered by the passing of anti-gambling legislation which prevented all forms of gambling and obviously stunted the spread of slot machines.

Fortunately, however, this law was soon abolished and gambling came back to the public domain. Upon its return it was clear that slot machines were at the forefront of the market, with casinos favouring them for their quick and easy interfaces, and addictive nature. The slot machine became well known across the world and in 1953 was adopted as far away as Australia, where a company began to make their own styles of slot machine.

The first non mechanical slot machines were found in Las Vegas, along with the creation of the Random Number Generator which runs most of the normal slots you find in casinos and pubs nowadays. The Random Number Generator revolutionised the machines and made for a much more varied experience which peaked interest to a new high. The final innovation so far has been the introduction of online slot machines. These machines are obviously completely different to the normal slots you would find in casinos but they provide a much more accessible experience which cannot be found in any other manner. Nonetheless, they have been said to lack the more personable touch that comes with the tradition slots. Progressive Slots can be found aplenty at MrGreen Casino.

The thing that makes normal slots so ever-lasting and timeless is the variety of styles and features that can be found. This means that each individual machine is tailored to a different player. The more tradition symbol based machines to the feature-full modern machines which provide less of a chance based gambling experience. Slot machines will continue to develop over the coming years and will probably remain just as popular. Plenty of online slots can be found at another top-online casino,Spin Palace