Know your Goal before you Call a prospective Client

January 14, 2019 0 By admin

An office phone often disrupts workflow and is a source of irritation for all employees. But he has another purpose! This article is about how to make business communication by phone at 0800 productive and mutually beneficial for both parties.

What questions can be solved by phone

Some people still believe that work issues are easier and faster to solve using the phone. In fact, both management and ordinary employees spend an unforgivably long time on these negotiations. It was also revealed that emotions complicate the process, for example, they make it difficult for people to understand each other or lead to conflict situations. The third part of the total time of conversation on free phonecalls goes on demonstrating the attitude to the heard and eloquent silence.

The Purpose of Phone Calls

So, the phone is not always the best way to communicate. However, it is indispensable in the following situations:

1. If it is necessary to exchange urgently important information with a business partner in a concise manner.

2. If there is a need to learn the opinion of a competent person on any issue.

3. If it is necessary to receive urgent instructions from a higher organization or, on the contrary, to give a clear order to subordinates.

4. If clarifications are needed on any arrangements.

When is it better to call up with your business partners?

When choosing a time to make a call, you need to remember that:

It should also be convenient for your potential interlocutor.

The person you are interested in must be at work at this hour.

You should not disturb the subscriber in the “hot hours” when his phone squeaks without ceasing (for reference: most business calls come at the end and the beginning of the year, as well as on Monday morning (regardless of the season)).

Telephone Business Plan

A conversation in free business calls begins with a mutual presentation. Then the initiator of the call describes the situation, the interlocutors discuss it, and after – they agree on the time of the next communication session.

If the call initiative comes from you, you should give your interlocutor your full name, position and company. This will convince him that you are really calling on the case. It does not hurt also to find out whether it is convenient to talk to the interlocutor, and to proceed to the presentation of the problem only if the answer is positive.

Business Telephone Etiquette

In the process of business communication by phone, observe the following etiquette rules:

  • If you are really very busy, and someone is calling at this time, you can either not pick up the phone at all, or politely ask the other person to call back, explaining the situation.
  • If you do not hear the interlocutor, you need to tell him about it. You should not raise your voice and disturb your colleagues. Your subscriber will either move to where the connection is more stable, or he will speak louder.