Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven—The History Behind the Game

Many of today’s video slot games base their themes on favorite American cinematic hits, celebrities, or heroes of sporting events, and one of these is the horse racing favorite, Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven Slot. This game simultaneously celebrates the vibrant excitement of the horse racing track, and honors the specific Ascot Racetrack event of September 1996, when jockey Frankie Dettori streaked across the finish line with a record-shattering seven wins in a single day. Never before had a single jockey won every race of the Champion’s Day, thundering across the finish line on all seven winners—and so it was that Frankie Dettori, already a celebrity among the track crowd, rocketed to racetrack fame.

Frankie Dettori’s Rise to Jokey Stardom

Christened Lanfranco Dettori, Frankie was born in Milan, Italy in 1970, to a jockey father by the name of Gianfranco Dettori, who had won multiple horse racing championships himself in his home country of Italy. Frankie was on horseback himself before his age reached double digits, and dropped out of school at thirteen to take up work as a stable boy and to train as an apprentice jockey. He took his first racing win in Turin at the young age of sixteen, and caught the racing world’s attention in just a few years later, when he became the second teen jockey in history to ride one hundred winning horses in a single season. Riding exclusively for the renowned Godolphin stables, his signature move at the end of his races is a “flying dismount,” in which he leaps from the horse on entering the winner’s enclosure.

Dettori has continued to amass medals and trophies since his magical Ascot day, and surmounted some tragic circumstances as well, most notably this year’s dramatic death of his mount at that very same Ascot racetrack, when his horse Rewilding went down with a broken cannon bone as they neared the home stretch of the race, and died on the field while the media cameras rolled. It was a horrifying twist on a usually joyful racing day, and Dettori himself didn’t escape injury in his tumble from the stumbling horse’s saddle, although he was well enough to get to the ambulance under his own power.

The Magical Day at Ascot, September 28, 1996


Frankie Dettori had already become a well-known face and name in the world of horse racing aficionados, but it wasn’t until he pulled off the “impossible” feat of sweeping the Champion’s Day races at Ascot that he became a household name among even those who don’t follow racing. The photo of Frankie--letting out a celebratory scream heavenward, fists clenched while he still sat atop his saddled horse in his pink-and-blue argyle racing jacket and pink riding helmet—was splashed across national papers the next day. To put his feat into perspective against the public’s expectations, the racetrack bookies had placed the odds against a clean sweep at twenty-five thousand to one, and Dettori is estimated to have cost the betting industry more than thirty million pounds with his day’s work on the track. A bronze statue at the Ascot racecourse entrance now commemorates the feat, which some had declared to be impossible, and some still expect not to see repeated again. And the horse, who carried Dettori across the finish line for the seventh race that day, catapulting him to fame, is now a member of the Dettori family. When Frankie found out that Fujiyama Crest was going to auction five years after the big win, he brought him home and retired him into pet-hood.

Frankie’s Feat Commemorated in Playtech’s Online Slots Game

It’s this record-busting history of drama and excitement that’s behind the popular horse-racing video slots game, fittingly named Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven. The game itself features graphics and sound effects redolent of the race track, with photos of Frankie himself as the highest-scoring jackpot symbols on the reel. The game’s symbols include horse shoes, racetrack icons, race markers, and poker cards, as well as images of Frankie in portrait form, on horseback, and the famous “winning photo” which scores that top jackpot.

If scatter symbols (the logo of the Magic Seven game itself) appear in groups of three or more, the player jumps into a virtual horse race between three racehorses. The gamer selects a favorite horse, and gets a number of free games (ten, twenty-five, or thirty-five) depending on the chosen horse’s placement in the virtual race. Complete with all the graphics of a Computer Generated race and its accompanying soundtrack, the player then jumps back into the racetrack themed game.

Every element of the game is racetrack themed. A player who triggers a free spins bonus round (kicked off by images of a racetrack in the first and fifth reels of the game) heads to a virtual racetrack on the video screen, where cash bonuses and prizes are hidden in the twenty sections of the track, and the player selects which sections to tap in order to collect prizes. The bonus round features video footage and multimedia elements from the famous and magical day of 1996. Even a person who already knew about the race can’t help but be caught up in the drama and excitement that builds over the course of the seven wins, as Dettori gets closer and closer to the “impossible” feat—and then actually accomplishes it. Try for yourself at CasinoEuro.

It’s a heart-pounding spectacle to watch, even knowing the outcome in advance, and of course the excitement is only multiplied by the bonus multiplier nature of the video game itself, in which the players have their own money on the line. This game can be a lucrative one, paying out substantial bonuses and offering multipliers and free spins in addition to the bonus round with its big prizes and multimedia fanfare. Thanks to the advent of online gaming, it can all be enjoyed from the convenience of a home computer when a player logs into any of the multitude of Playtech powered online casinos or similar slots at Mr Green. Saddle up, Gamers—it’s time to take a historic ride!